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The Environmental Leadership Incubator (ELI) is primarily funded through gifts from generous donors.  Gifts to ELI support a 9-month leadership experience for undergraduate students. While leadership programs abound at the Masters and Ph.D. levels, opportunities for training and self-directed leadership experiences at the undergraduate level are rare. ELI fills this gap and provides a unique opportunity for undergraduate students at UCSB to gain essential leadership skills while engaging in projects that further environmental causes.

The ELI students take coursework and engage in student-driven environmental projects across disciplines of social activism, cultural change, technological development, and policy engagement. ELI incubates both students and their environmental projects, transforming students into environmental champions both at UCSB and in their post-graduate careers.





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The ELI program welcomes mentors from a wide range of backgrounds.  ELI mentors make a 6-month commitment (December-May) to support an ELI student team and leadership project by providing advice related to project challenges, as well as general guidance regarding leadership and professional development.  Mentor support may come in various forms but is likely to include regular conversations, in-person or via phone, about project goals and progress, recommendations for project development, and contacts for furthering project objectives.  

The mentoring program is actively supported by the ELI Program Manager, who also maintains regular contact with the ELI students throughout the December to May time frame. If you are interested in being contacted regarding mentoring an ELI student team and leadership project, please email the ELI Program Manager.