ELI Students Meet Outside Under Smoky Skies for the First Class of 2021

ELI Makes The UCSB Sustainability Scoop Newsletter

ELI is making waves at UCSB for the unique opportunity it provides to UCSB undergraduates.  Check out this article on ELI written in the Sustainability Scoop.  The article highlights five ELI projects from 2020-2021, and notes that ELI is truly one of a kind, allowing students to delve into real world projects that they are passionate about while learning and developing essential leadership skills.  “ELI helps students learn leadership skills and apply them in real-world situations. ELI provides students with a unique opportunity to develop essential workplace skills, uncover their strengths, discover what they enjoy doing, and hone in on what they want to do in the future. This is such a unique opportunity for undergraduates students, and our ELI alumni tell us it is the most transformative experience they had as an undergraduate,” says Dr. Erika Zollett, ELI Program Manager.