Environmental Leadership Incubator

Cultivating leaders to turn big environmental ideas into reality


Have you ever wondered how you can turn an idea into a great project, how you can play a critical role in tackling today’s environmental challenges, or how you can inspire and motivate a team? 

The Environmental Leadership Incubator (ELI) is a nine-month program that trains undergraduate students to become environmental leaders. The ELI program is organized around student-initiated projects that seek to implement positive environmental change. It combines coursework and leadership skills training in the fall quarter, with project implementation and mentorship by real world professionals in the winter and spring quarters.

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From Ideas to Action

UCSB’s The Current covers launch of the ELI program.

"Would you use an app that tracks your carbon footprint in real time the way a FitBit counts steps? Would you embrace a sustainability index for the apparel industry that provided information about how your clothes are produced?

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