What You Will Learn

ELI students learn leadership skills the fall quarter and put these skills into practice during the winter and spring quarters.  Whether students work independently on their ELI project or in a partnership or team, they work collaboratively with their peers to gain invaluable skills that will help during their project implementation and in future careers.  

During the ELI program, students work on:

  • Networking
  • Developing a Project Idea
  • Conducting Informational Interviews
  • Pitching their Project Idea
  • Analyzing a Project Landscape
  • Conducting Project Impact Analysis
  • Applying for Project Funding
  • Working in Collaboration
  • Presenting Project Ideas
  • Identifying Project and Skill Needs
  • Working with a Mentor
  • Developing Sustainable Leadership Practices

With support from instructors, guest speakers, and peers, ELI students enhance their ELI project ideas and the skills needed to successfully bring these ideas to fruition.